top triple clamp replacement

my old hand guards mounted to the triple clamp and broke the bottem bolt hole on the left side fork clamp :D i have now gone with moose hand guards that mount to my pro taper far the only replacements i have found is the oem for $120. i would like to open up the cockpit on my 2001 xr 650r and more hight of the bars. any suggestions. thanks in advance. :)

Keep your eye open on eBay. There were a set of Applied upper clamps for oversize bars, but I'm not sure when the bid ended.

I got my Pro-Taper upper clamp off of eBay for $70 + shipping. It works okay, but needed a little bit of dremel work to get it to clear the frame...and some file work to keep it from knocking a hole in my Clarke 4.3

I have a red anodized FMF top clamp and bar mounts I'm willing to let go cheap. Like stated above I needed to trim a bit to get it to clear but it fits like a charm now. I used my lathe to do it so it looks great. I have the bar clamps for both regular and oversized bars. The reason I have them for sale is I went with a GPR set-up. I'll sell them to you for $75. Send me an e-mail at if interested. Dan

Hourout--Check out BRP. They do awesome work and have different offsets depending on how much you want to open up your ergo's. I have had mine a year now and love them. Their fit and finish is impressive. The GPR or Scott's mounts cleanly to them also....My 2 cents.

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