2008 YZ450F - WR rear fender

hey anyone know will a wr rear fender fit or better yet will the tail light fit the yz fender?

tail light should fit - the fender ends look the same. for the whole fender, doubtful - wr fender has the shape for the batery, cdi, etc - totally different. maybe if you trimmed all that off it would fit.

I work in a machine shop. I can make anything fit anything. Start fabricating. You'll get there. Actually, I'm thinking of bluffing my 06 YZ into psuedo street legal action. Some 19" dirttrack wheels, I have a set lying around somewhere, some sort of bogus lights, and a license plate off of something and start riding to work. Around here, there is so much gang stuff going on, they don't worry much about some funky ole motorcycle riders.

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