Black Plastic

I just done a quick search but never found anything in the subjects about people using Black plastic on our WR's, is there anyone out there using them? where can you get them and what do they cost? I have a buddy very interesting on turning his 06 all black, flat, satin, or matte black he wants.

Hi Max, I turned my '06 all black & used Polisport for shrouds, fenders & sidepanels. I bought a Black Clarke tank & also a MCS headlight with black surround.


Hope it helps

Cheers from Oz

Can ya give us a front-on pic of that light dude?

Looks mean, How much did all that conversion cost ya??

So that's basically a YZ plastics kit ($130), plus a headlight shroud in black($70-$120), then the necessary Baja Designs rear LED brake light ($50). It will be at least $275 all told I figure. I was thinking of doing the same but will probably hold off until next year.

Sorry, Been offline for a while. Here's a photo front on in its development stage. I was wrong about the fender plastics, They are UFO. The plastics were about AUS$120.00, Acerbis LED tailight AUS$95.00, Clarke tank US$160.00 plus freight. Headlight AUS$55.00. All up AUS$400.00 approx.



That's not too bad, I already have the BD led tailight and yz blue fender

so thats a start.

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