intake hotcam

i,ve the oppertunity of gettin an intake hotcam for my bike at a very reasonable price.but the thing thats puttin me of is i were told its for a 426 n i currently have a 400 so wondering if it would still fit and with there only bein the intake cam would it make a difference to the performance and is it worth it cheers ben

The hotcams website lists the same part numbers for both the 400 and 426, so yes, it will work. The site recommends that the cams be used with big bore 400s or 426's, but when I put mine in I spoke with hotcams and asked them "Why?" (ust currious as I have a 426...) They said yu get a bit more performance boost with the 426, that's all.

As far a what you can expect, if your 400 is "YZ" timed, you can expect a bit more bottom, a huge midrange boost, and a bit more overrev. If your bike is "WR" timed (stock), it will feel like a completely different bike

cheers for the help.will i be able to just fit the intake cam and feel a difference or do you have to fit the exhaust cam too.

No...the intake cam gives the peformance boost. The exhaust cam is very similar to the stock YZ cam. You do ge tautodecompression, though, which is well worth the price of admission.

You can install just the intake. You get the auto decompression with the ex. cam so it's a worthy upgrade to toss in there too. You could always just do the intake for now and add the ex. later. I just put both in mine and wish I had done it sooner.

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