While I was riding the other day I noticed that a spoke nipple had back off and the spoke rapped around my from axle (not a pretty site). I am now in search of a 1 front spoke but my local shop tells me that Yamaha only sells them in sets???? Any idea where I can find a front spoke for my 01 wr426?

That is not true. You can purchase single spokes from the dealer. That dealer may not want to sell singles.

i have a some extra spokes.i have to check if they are for front or rear wheel.ill send you a couple free. pm me

i have good news and bad news.[bad news] i just finished for searching for spokes and i only have 2 spokes left.[good news]they are both front spokes.they are off 98 wr400 stock rim.front rims have 2 different length spokes,so you need to check which spoke you need the long or short.i only have long ones

Thank You freestyle, I will check and let you know.

I seen a whole set of spokes on e-bay last night.

They were going for $5

Not sure if they were front or back though.

Thank You MOmilkman, I have just e-mailed that person to see if they would sell them to me and end there auction

Actullaly I think thats agianst e-bay rules if someone has already bid on it.

but good luck!

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