Any 4-stroke / Trail rider magazine available?

Are there any trail targeted magazines out on the market? I'm just getting back into riding and need a good source for new info. products and tech tips etc. even web sites like this! Know of any?

There is also a new mag. out called "REV", it's only printed 6 times per year. The first two copies had some good info in them.

There used to be a mag called "4-Stroke" but it only lasted about a year, too bad. It was pretty good.

Look for "REV" its a little light on content, but it is focused on the average guy. Trail rider is excellent but very focused on the east coast. Being in Colorado I did'nt get as much from it as I could since they have large sections of the content focusing on the eastern enduro circuit.


REV is about the only one I know of. It's got some good stuff in it but only every other month right now.

Rev is by far the best magazine on the rack. They concentrate on the recreational rider. If you are interested in east coast enduro/harescrambles Trailrider magazine is also good. Both magazines give you something besides MX, SX and 300,000 ads like in Dirt Rider (remember when Dirt Rider had good articles and useful info for all).

Is there a website for REV. I don't think I've ever seen it at the local bookstore. I would like to get a subscription.

I can't find a web site but the address is " REV magazine, Ehlert Publishing Group Inc., 6420 Sycamore Lane, Suite 100, Maple Grove, MN 55369 " the editor's e-mail is"" . Good Luck.

Thanks guys, I know a news stand that carries REV. I'll be sure to pick up a copy next week. Thanks Again!

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