Brake line inter-change-ability

Just wondering if a new brake line for a 98 125, 250, 400F would fit a 2000 426? Thanks guy's

if it fits the 400 it'll fit the 426 - bikes pretty much identical except the motor - you can check the online parts diagrams for such things.

In every case I've found that if the long portion of the number matches, the part is the same.

looked at If you click on the genuine parts pic near the top it will give two sections for parts finding. What is cool is if you use the "Quick part lookup", Only put in the make and the part number that you need and it shows what years and models that part number was installed on. IT Does Not Show Part changes part number model or specification changes but it is a great feature if you need something on E-bay and you don't know if it will fit. Try it out.

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