Stolen... XR650L Bastards

Some bloody pricks stole my bike right out of my garage Monday night. The Garage is right next to my room and I never heard a thing.

I hope they crash and burn and burn and burn. :)

It sucks, I work really hard for that bike and then some chumps just take it from me like it was nothing.

Lets just say If I was ever to find out who did it... I would make sure they never ride again. Low Life Scum.


Man, that really sucks! Sorry to hear it. I've had thieves visit me before too. But if you can look on the bright side, now you can purchase a 650R. Keep your chin up!

Mike :)

I'll give you a good deal on my 02 model.. 1200 miles

My condolences. Lets hope the thieves die screaming. And to xr_rider, for a lot of us, the R model isn't what we covet. An L can only be replaced with an L. We have no wish for it's evil, liquid cooled, upstart sibling.:)

What year? There's a 2000 being parted-out on Ebay. Probably not yours, but worth a quick look anyway. some flyers, with a photo of your bike, or a reasonable clone. Do it as soon as possible. A lot of guys have gotten their bikes back that way. It's almost always locals, usually teenaged. There's not exactly an xr650L on every corner. Someone is bound to spot it. Offer a reward, that would be a real good shot at getting it back. Good luck.

Hey Doug - - that flyer idea is great...I would be happy to help put something together with you this weekend, we could burn off a bunch of copies at my print charge. Let me know!!! I want you to get it back!!! Your bike was sooo sweet!


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