pipe and cylinder interchangeability


I have a 2001 yz426f and the cylinder needs to be rebuild (ouch $$). After rebuild, am I right to understand that I will be able to change a couple of ring sets before piston and cylinder? And I also question myself if i could use a wiseco (alleys) sleeve (150$ less than rebuild) and put a oem piston/rings inside without problems? Are the clearances good or I'd be better pay for a complete oem kit and not worry about it?

Also, the bike came with a fmf titanium 4 pipe/exhaust power bomb and i'd like reduce the sound (neighbourghts :thumbsup: ...). Can i only change the pipe cap on the pipe end or does a stock pipe will fit the fmf power bomb?



The titanium 4 is the loudest pipe I have ever heard, I don't think it does a single thing to cut down on the sound, getting rid of that pipe will make people 2 city's over happier.

I don't really understand what you're trying to ask....

The cylinder is nikasil plated, you can have it replated unless it's destroyed, if it's deeply scored, you can have it bored and a sleeve installed. A brand new yamaha cylinder off TT OEM only costs $272 - why not just get all your parts there, rebuild it stock - IMO it would be more reliable and less guesswork as to what may and may not work together.

If you're meaning to say that after rebuilding/replacing the cylinder you will be able to get a few pistons/rings worth of life out of that cylinder - I would say if you're doing it preventative versus post grenade - yes, but you do have to get the cylinder honed each time for a whopping 10 bucks.

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