fork springs?

trying to remember what my WR '99 came with; was it .40kg springs? only i've still got them here and that is the weight of spring that i want to try in the husey. i have .42kg's in now.

don't suppose there is any chance that a yam spring will fit in a set of WP units is there?


I asked John Curea to reply taffy. How's the Husa? Got a comparison for us?



The WR400 came with .46kg/mm fork springs from the factory. The stock shock spring is a 5.0kg/mm unit.

They will not fit in the large 50mm WP units on your Hus.

Ditto, what John said.


thanks boys and john, now you've put that answer up it became clear! i remember now! (too many beers :D).

how do they compare bill?

well nothing has the yams power that's for sure and the carburation at low revs is cleaner. the quality of the yams mechanical bits is as good whereas the frame and bike parts on the yam don't really come up. but mine WAS a '99 and i believe things have got much better.

the husey came virtually ready to ride and all i've done is put on the apico gold forged levers, 719 no fear grips and a trailtech 'puter with front wheel spacer.

the quality of the engineering is superb although i have to say that i got a good 'en. there are some very unlucky riders out there.

i weighed the yam at i THINK 127KG whilst the husey was weighed at 115KG. both had a pint of fuel in. (that's yam at 279lb and husey at 253lb's)

anyone spotting a more recent thread over there will note that they're starting to fit the keihin as a goodie. however they're all going for the 39/41 whilst i've pleaded for them to go with 37/39 (400cc through to 650cc of course)

if i was in the mid west i could overlook all the yam problems but over here in the UK where we can do a 13 mile lap on MX gearing and STILL never leave second gear; the light weight of the husey does help!

there is one helluva parts shortfall over your way at the moment and it's causing consternation on the site. interestingly, the american lads are appalled at the service and are getting together an action group right now, whereas all of the euro boys are just so used to waiting/duff service that we can't quite fathom it all.

one thing you mustn't do is question the 'mob', man that really does it. so quite a difference in culture there.

if any of you look at a husey and you at least want the power of your yam 400/426 then the 501 is the bike and not the 400.

my little 400 is lovely in the mud 'n [censored] but then the two-smokes do you anyway! then in the dry on the long straights the big four strokes get ya as well!

problems? none! ok, i put brake fluid in the magura and a seal has gone (suprise, suprise-when you should only use mineral oil!!!) also i pulled the entire kickstart mechanism off and it works great without it, trouble is that the bush vibrated into the engine within 50 miles and all the primary gears chewed it's ass to pieces.

the words "self-induced" come to mind :):D

thee rag over here called TBM called it "thee clubmans bike for racing" i'd go along with that!

i've got a 426 (mk 2) carb ready to fit but i was just trying to give those sticking with the dell orto carb some new carb # before moving on. i've had good results although i did call the importer and say "i'm having real trouble sorting this out?"

"really, why?"

"well this K51 needle. i can't make it work right?"

"ah sir, that needle is really 2.52 wide and not 2.50; but we've never bothered changing the catalogue entry!!!"


anyway, we're getting there! i'm hoping my friend will wnat to go to lafayette when i get over. that's all for now folks!

oh! and BTW. motoman42 is over here at lakenheath with the USAAF and he's coming to eat at a local trough with 7 other enduro riders on 12 dec-i'll look after him!!!



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