Will WR shrouds fit on a YZ tank?

I have an 02 WR426, just wondering if i need to buy the YZ shouds to fit a clark yz tank? Have the tank already, still looking for a YZ seat. :)

I believe they should work fine. Seems to me that the shroud is more specific to the radiators, anyway (YZF's have smaller radiators).

I have an '01 WR250F and I mounted an older model YZ400F tank and was able to get the WRF shrouds to mount up just fine. Yours should be an even closer fit.

Thanks,Newriver- i will soon find out when i try

to mount them.Still looking for a YZ seat Anybody?

yz and wr plastic is same except for rear fenders.side plates might be a little different but are still interchangable

There is a difference between 98-99 and 00-beyond Radiator Guards. On the 98-99 the front lower mount is cylindrical and sticks straight out. On the 00 and later the Front lower mount is slanted because of the thiner profile.

The lesson cost me $40.00 to learn.

Bonzai :)

Yes.......I did this with my 99 400 and my 01 250

and had no problems. Used the WR petcock as well.




Originally posted by neWRiver:

An complete OEM YZF seat goes at about $165.

The SDG complete replacement seat is a pretty good buy at about $80. Gripper cover (only comes in black) and fits like OEM. It's just as hard, too. :)

Buy the version that Moose sells and you have the option of taller and softer foam, same price (maybe a few bucks more, I think I paid about ninety).

I love the taller foam so much I often wonder if the rest of you realize what you are missing. I've tried taller foam (N-Style and Fact. Effex, I think) w/ gripper covers, and liked that, but so far I actually prefer the SDG/Moose cover, it is sort of a compromise between the gripper and the slick stock material. Your ass can hang on in a corner, but you can also easily reposition if you fail to hang on. The “tall” Moose version is softer than stock but not extra cushy. I’d say it is a bit shorter and firmer than the N-Style “tall” foam (which is I think around $40 all by itself).

On the Moose seat (which is, as far as I can tell, identical to the SDG) the cover isn’t as rubbery/sticky as an ordinary “gripper” cover (like the N-Style I have on my ’00), but it isn’t slick like the stocker. It also, so far, doesn’t exhibit wear and dirt as easily as an all-gripper cover like N-Style’s.

I agree, the SDG YZ tall seat foam is great. Stable, but comfortable.

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