Dented head pipe... What to do?

Hey guys,

I took a digger this weekend in a trail that was all rocks and smashed in my head pipe. I dont think there is any fixing this one... i need a new one. What do you think I should do? I think I have a few options.

A. Try to find one someone is willing to sell...

B. Buy a whole new aftermarket exhaust

C. Buy somthin like the FMF Mega Bomb and use that with the stock can.

So which would you go for if it were your bike? How does the mega bomb work with the stock muffler?

How will the exhust from an 06 work on my bike?

By the way its an 07...


The 'bombs work with some of the stock mufflers, check the diameter at the header outlet.

The full '06 exhaust will fit. I believe an '06 header will if you use the midpipe gasket from an '06.

Try popping the dent out by filling the header with water and freezing it.

I've had great luck with the freeze method Gray describes. Had a CRF head pipe i did that with that you couldn't tell that it had ever been dented.

+1 on the freeze. Make sure you let it freeze overnight as the colder it gets the more the ice will expand. You may need to do it more than once.

The freezing idea seems pretty good. My pipe was almost pinched though, its pretty bad. I dont think the freezing would work. I'll still give it a shot. Do you have to plug the ends of the pipe with anything? How much water should I fill it with?

Thanks for all the info guys!


You don't have to plug the ends and you don't need to fill the pipe from end to end. Fill it enough to cover the area and a little more.

as an FYI - what will happen is the dent will come out some, but not all, then you let is thaw, replace the water and do it again, repeat until fixed. It may take 5 or more freezes because of the size of the dent.

ive had my pipe bent up into my rad and i got a welder to heat it up just before it melted and bend it back down. I went to the dealer and asked how much a stock headpipe would be and he said 500 dollars when i could get a full system for that which just wasnt an option! :thumbsup:

Put a dent about the size of a golf ball in the curve section of my 450 header about a week ago. After the first time in the freezer didn't see anything (in my mind anyway). But, others said it would take more than once so I kept at it. After 6 times, the dent is gone!!! Water about three-five inches above dent and let it feeze hard. It improves each time but when you look at it each time its hard to see the results. Like someone else said on here, water expands in all directions so end plugs are not needed. :thumbsup:

make sure the dent(s) are at the lowest point .it will take several trips through the freezer but it works.:thumbsup:

Don't get the megabomb thinking its going to help. I have one and its gets dented even easier than the stock header when its hot.

If I were to swap to an 06 exhaust on my 2007 would there be a difference in power? Would the bike be louder? What if it has an aftermarket end cap on it?

How about jetting? Does the 07 need to be rejetted to run the stock 06 system with an aftermarket end cap on it?

Thanks for all the help guys!

BTW I'm in the middle of trying to freeze the dent out. It was really crushed bad and this is a slow process. I'm not even sure if some of it will come out... although there is a noticable difference so far!


has anyone tried the freezing technique on a megabomb? would it wreck the insides bits..?

I would think that a dent in the pipe section forward of the "bomb" could be done this way, but I don't think it would be advisable to freeze water in the Bomb itself.

Don't get the megabomb thinking its going to help. I have one and its gets dented even easier than the stock header when its hot.

Do you have the titanium bomb or the stainless steel bomb? The SS is stronger...but if you do dent it you probably won't be able to freeze it out.

I have done the freezer method on both stainless and titanium powerbombs as well as megabombs with great success. I wouldn't recommend filling the bomb itself full of water, but I have done it and it didn't give me any problems. As for dens in front of the bomb it works fine.

Hey guys I bought the pipe off an 06 model and threw it on there today. I havent had a chance to ride it yet so i dont know anything about the power differences, but the pipe itself is pretty different. The can is the same, but the header seems much smaller where as on the 07 is gets fatter halfway down the pipe. I wonder why they changed it.

I'll post pics soon

you also can plug both ends and hook up air pressure to one end and put about 30 psi and heat up the dent until it comes out you might have to use more air pressure depending on the size of the dent and dont heat up to much or you will melt a hole through the header. I have done this a few times on my bike and it only takes a few minutes versus days in the freezer.

they gave the 07 a steped header. to bad u just bought an 06 just saw a 07 header for 30 bucks on ebay..

power should be the same with the 06 header.

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