07 YZ450 White/Grey Graphics

Hey guys...I am picking up my '08 YZ450 (white) probably tomorrow. I want to get a more '07 look on the shrouds. I want to get rid of the red and stick to grey/black. Any suggestions ?

Factory FX makes OEM reproduction graphics for a very low price. Yamaha GYT-R has a couple of white/black kits that are quite cool, too.

I will check them out...thank you. Now just that red spring in the back....maybe I should spend less time looking and more time riding!

I'm kinda partial to the red sprind

Then you can trade me for a white or silver one :thumbsup: Oh and if it is not too much trouble make sure it is for my weight....riiiiiiiight.

Stock 06 LE, or the GYTR look sick...



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