Hotrod Crank

How is the quality on this crank?

Is it worth to buy a new crank or just a new connecting rod?

What about balancing the crank? is that nescecary?

I have used several Hot Rod connecting rods and have never had a problem with them. If you have a press, set if V blocks, dial indicator, calipers, and a brass hammer you can do your own. If not I would see what a local shop charges to press in a new rod. if the price is close just buy the new complete crank. just my opinion...

I searched the product database and found that there didn't exist a crank for my year. only 04-06. My question is has anyone managed to fit a hotrod crank for yz 03-05 or wr 04-06 on a 03 model? What can the differnce be?

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