426 decompession block off?

I have an 02 replaced the cams about a year ago then took off the cable.The bolt that keeps the lever on stripped.Does anyone know of a block off kit and where I can find one?Thanks.

are you talking about the hole in the front of the head that the shaft goes through? if so I think you can buy a plug from the TT store for it.

Is it the bolt that retains the decomp lever in the head that stripped? If so, then it will not retain the plug that you can get from the TT store. You can get a plug from Yamaha for a 03 WR and use Yamabond when installing it. The best bet is to fix the threads, helicoil, and use the TT plug. The old seal for the decomp lever may be difficult to remove from the outside. Remove the valve cover and push it out from the inside.

Thanks guys I appreciate the help.

The OEM Yamaha plug for the '03-'05 450's will fit, but getting them to stay put is another thing, Yamabond or not.

An 18mm brass or steel expansion plug (freeze plug, cup plug) from any auto parts store is much more permanent, although they can be tricky to insert correctly with the head on the bike.

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