03 WR's

Anyone have a clue when the 03 WR's will be released?? First I heard late Oct., then mid Nov., now I've been told late Jan. If I have to wait any longer I'm going to spend the money on the new yamaha snowmobile with the R1 power plant in it. Have you seen that thing!!!! 145 horses on a snowmobile. SICK


i heard end of november first week of december . but if i have to wait any longer i'm gonna say forget it and get a wr 426 .

Keep in mind that the dock strike on the west coast put everything back nearly a month. I spoke with both our Yamaha dealers here and they said they're just now starting to receive their delayed shipments. They're fully expecting to get the first WR's anyday now.

Careful on the Yamaha sled. My fried who works as a mechanic at the dealership said to wait AT LEAST a year on that model. Yamaha didn't develop a new clutch and he believes the low end torque is going to be too much for their set up. Yamaha used the largest clutch and the heaviest shift dogs they had off of the shielf but I bet you'll see a whole new clutch on future models. After that look out! :)

if anyone is tempted to get an 02 wr426, consider this, they are now even more tempting, i got mine, still in the crate off ebay for $4500, damn good deal. cost me $190 to ship it from kentucky, but thats cheaper than the taxes!!

check it out, theres a few on there. :)

did anybody tried the 03 wr? :)

None here in the US yet... still we wait.

I cheked ebay no WR´s left, I guess, did you get it froa a dealer, if so do you have their phone.


Check Ebay Saturday, I have a street legal 01 wr426 for sale that's in excellent condition with lots of extras.

I checked with my dealer who is one of the top three in Utah. Yamaha told him that he will not get his WRs until January. I would not get your hopes up for a December bike.

I sat on an 03 at Dallas show felt great much lighter than my DRZ. Starter looked really small everything else lookedtopshelf my dealer still says dec. hope so

Was it a WR250 or 450? What year is your DRZ? I have a 01426 and a 02Drz400. I'd understand better how it feels if I know this. I have a WR450 on order and I don,t want to make a mistake buying it.

graphics said it was a 450 but who realy knows. I have a 2000 drz I think weight is same for all years?

Call Bubba Bardwell yamaha in Mississippi. (601) 833-1760

03 WR250F 4899.00 OUT THE DOOR!!!!!!!!!!

03 WR450F 5999.00 OUT THE DOOR!!!!!!!!

No tax if your out of state.

Only catch is you have to arrange shipping.

They have to assemble it & put it in a 4 wheeler crate.

I just called Bubba Bardwells and they wouldn't give me a price, and didn't have or know when they were getting any WRs in. Hope some of you have better luck than I did.

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