WR 426 Turning suggestions and any other good ones

So it's RED Sticker season here in sunny California, which means I hang up my 05' KTM 300 EXC and I bust out the WR 426 (big Blu).

So I lost 5th gear about 2 years ago or so and have been debating how to go about fixing it and the money etc. Well that debate is over (courtesy of the wife), as a new bike is not in the cards this year...oh well.

It's getting the gear(s) fixed and top end freshened as needed and a good going over by a reputable mechanic so I expect it to be mechanically sound.

I would like to address a few things since it seems I will be keeping her for a while...TURNING or lack there of has been an issue with big Blu. Are there any modifications which have worked and ar worth doing? Off set clamp, rekluse e-axle, etc.? I'm looking for 1st hand knowledge. I run a Scotts so I'm not concerened about high speed stability.

Also, I'm wanting to change the ergo's so I'm thinking of going with 03-05 YZ tank and seat. Has anyone done this with good results?

If you haven't already put a YZ seat and tank on, DO IT! You will be amazed at the difference in handling. Next to the YZ pipe and autodecomp cam, it's the best money I spent on both my 426 and my boy's 250. The Clarke, IMS, and Acerbis tanks can all be had in 3.4 gal capacity, so you don't lose any range. I have an IMS, but think the Acerbis is a better looking, higher quality part.

Run your race sag to the high side (loads up the front wheel a bit more) and raise the forks in the triple clamps 10-15 mm. Run a good front tire (I've been ok-so-so happy with a Maxxis SI, but the Maxcross IT just sucked). Some of my riding buds run Dunlops (I couldn't tell you which ones) and are quite happy with them. One of the guys just picked up a KTM that had Metzlers on it, and says they are the best tires he's ever ridden. Anyway, find a tire that works for you and pay attention to the pressure. From what I understand, different offset clamps don't do much.

Even with all that, it still won't carve like an RM...the front will still push or wash out a bit, just a whole lot less. It likes to steer with the back end...that's what the right wrist is for, I guess...

Thanks for the input. :thumbsup:

I actually have the Clarke 3.4 with a YZ seat, but the rise to the tank is very steep, not as steep as stock , but nowhere near flat to the tank. I have an 05 YZ tank that I'm going to retro-fit on there along with everything else (subframe, seat, shrouds, etc.) That should really update the ergo's.

I was running a Maxxis IT, I'm gonna try a Dunlop 742 and see how that works.

I will try running the sag a bit higher and see how I make out.

The mechanic working on my bike is going to do the Auto-decomp cam and I'm going to get the perch adjuster for the Auto-clutch so I can fan it out from time to time.

Your the only response so I guess the 426 is showing it's age.

Have you done the Suspension revalve and respring yet?

I found the forks to be very harsh in stock form.

Set up your suspension per Birdy's instructions I felt like the front wheel stuck to ground more consistantly after the suspension work.

The suspension has been resprung and revalved. It feels good. Mostly I was lloking for any new ideas. The e-axle has since been made available and I'm wondering if anyone has tried it out.

I may have in fact done everything I can with the handling already.

It's been a while since I've ridden it competitively (0 KTM 300 is main bike) and I thought I'd give it a go this summer.

I just thought I'd check in and see if there has been any changes to the set up of this bike.

I still quite a few people are using the 426 for racing HS and so on. Obviously for the Average Joe the bike has remained competitive.:thumbsup:

Curious as to where you live as I have a '99 WR that needs some engine work.

I live in Santa Cruz, CA and the shop that's doing the work is Cycle Imports. What's the nature of the engine work that you need done?

I run a 05 WR450 not a 426 but that is also a SLOW turning beast so the points below ares till valid.

I've got the Rekluse axle on mine and it's brilliant. I run it a maximum positive offset - to reduce trail and increase speed of turning and it works great.

The only thing I had to do was have a spacer machined to fit as the axle is designed for the YZ450 which of course has no speedo drive and if left as is would leave the wheel bearing exposed on the speedo side of the WR.

I didn't bother to experiment with different settings just whacked it on to full offset and I also raised the forks 8mm in the clamps.

It's probably the best $200 I have spent on my scooter.

I d

Interesting. And what is the max offset on the e-axle? Do you have a stabilizer to counter any headshake at high speed?

Interesting. And what is the max offset on the e-axle? Do you have a stabilizer to counter any headshake at high speed?

To be honest I don't know by what angle the trail changes, its a 2mm adjustment either way, so 4mm in total. I suppose it can be calculated with trig but that would be in the too hard basket for me.

She can get a wee bit flappy at higher speeds, but most of my riding is slower stuff not like you boys in the desert - and I'm willing to trade some higher speed head shake for better turning ability - but as you have a Scotts I reckon it would be drama free for you.

With the Bridgestone 401 front tyre its a great set up for over here.

My 05 wr450 has the same characteristics. Slow turning, front end push. I have had the suspension professionally done.

The sag was originally set to 105 per the specs. But I can still feel the chopper like position of the bike while turning. I already had a major, major crash when I lost the front end.

Here is what I am trying...

1. I am going to tighten the rear spring just a little more. Maybe I will take the sag down to 95 to see if I can get the front end to stick better. I am not sure of how much 10mm of sag will affect my turning.

2. I am going to raise the forks 5mm at a time until I get it to turn better. I am riding this sunday with the purpose of making it better.

I just bought a new D756 tire, which sticks really good. However, that Bridgestone 401 is one of the stickiest front tires I have ridden on. I just don't know anyone who stocks it.

So it's RED Sticker season here in sunny California, which means I hang up my 05' KTM 300 EXC and I bust out the WR 426 (big Blu).

What's this about Anravqsuh or is this a wind up?

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