W.E.R Steering Damper OR Scotts?

I hate to bring this up again but I'm really torn between buying a W.E.R or a Scotts Damper And Will I notice the difference in the handling of my bike to justify spending the money?

Feed Back Please.

Notice the difference between a W.E.R. and a Scott's or difference between a damper or no damper? You will notice a difference between damper and no damper for most types of riding especially faster types. the scotts are said to be much better than wer so that is what I would get. I have a wer and I think it works good.

It depends on where and how you ride. If you are bouncing off of small rocks or if you are in deep sand, yo will notice.

Scotts and WER are different, although they both are good. Scotts dampening only works when the wheel is moved from center to the left or from center to the right. There is no dampening when the wheel is moved back to center. You aren't every restricted from going straight.

That's the difference technically.

Either one will work. Get the best deal you can and get one.

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