08 Wr450 Bent Subframe

I Twisted My Subframe In A Crash. How Do I Go Abuot Straightening It Back? Just Bend It Back With A 4x4? I Did Not Take Measurements Because It Is So Obvious. All Rear Plastics Are Off. Now What?

Secure the bike really weel, then get the biggest hammer you have and beat it back into shape.

secure bike then use a comealong or chain and tackle, or better yet look for a new one, might be hard to find a used one being so new

I bent the sub-frame on my 06 and used some square bar stock (two pieces about 4 feet in length each) and used some huge hose clamps to attach them to the end of the sub-frame (both sides). Braced the lower rear part of the frame against a wall and had somebody hold the front of the bike so it wouldn't move. This gave me the leverage to twist the sub-frame back in shape. "Supplies" cost around $10.

do it on the bike, or take the subframe off?

do it on the bike, or take the subframe off?

I did mine on the bike much easier to see what direction you need to go and when you've got it right. Also check the sub-frame mounting bolts, mine were bent as well. Good luck!

Be careful you dont weaken the metal.....not all types have a memory and come back into shape with the same strength.

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