Wanted: Australian Adventures...

To our all Austrailian mates ( I saw Crocodile Dundee one too many times on Steal-Per-View...)

My woman and I desire a Horny...um I mean Honeymoon in Australia. Perhaps I can just say Ozzy instead (I hope).

My woman and I want an Ozzy honeymoon and we were wondering what would be some destintations to plan for that may well be off the beaten path. We are both long distance off-road travellers, IE back-sagebrush Nevada USA, and we would like to see a lot of what your continent has to offer. We are open to suggestions as to locations, routes etc... We want to travel in our Northern Hemisphere fall season, your spring time. Have you any suggestions as to off-road motorcycle and four wheeler rentals? What would be some places to avoid, and what routes would be safe to travel given that time of year? We are open to suggestion as to the best time of year to visit as well as where to go etc...Also, if you don't mind, what are some must see Austrailian attractions, as well as some "Avoid at all costs" locales? Plus, is it true that Fosters is the Coors of Austrailian beers? (that last one was just for me...)

Thank You In Advance...

G'Day Mate, Check out this site they should have everything you are looking for www.aba.com.au\cymca

Not much trail riding in the big cities, so keep to the bush if you want good riding.

Spring in northern Australia can be very hot and humid (90F+ and 90%)

Central Australia will also be hot but dry air.

If you are here for a short while, join an organised tour.

If your here for a couple of months or so, why not by a bike and do your own touring.

Perhaps start in Sydney. Head north towards Queensland and check out some beaches and mountains/rainforests. If you want deserts, just turn left and go inland. You can then vary your trip depending on how you like your weather. Just remember Australia is about the same size as the USA. You dont just ride across the "island" in a couple of days. Just decide if you want hot or temperate, beach or desert, flat or mountin trails, and go that direction.

You'll have a ball.

Regards. Damian in Melbourne, Australia.

PS...nobody drinks Fosters in Australia (or at leasts admits to it). The most popular is VB (Victoria Bitter). But there are many others with more taste. There are also some really bad imported beers that are 98% water....they are called Budweiser, or Miller or something.... ;-)

well if your coming to oz try north queensland,you want to try the cape ride. But watch out for crocs and drop bears and in queensland we only drink four x beer

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[This message has been edited by spookie (edited 02-20-2001).]

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