White fluid from cylinder head tube?

I have a brand new 2002 WR426 (totally stock) that I took out and rode for the first time today. After I was done riding, and brought the bike home, I noticed some clear/white syrup/fluid had dripped from the cylinder head breather tube. After I parked it into my garage, a small amount dripped onto the garage floor. It's petroleum based, and kind of has the consistency of grease. Any ideas what it is?

:) It should be just oil mist and water vapour mixed together from the crankcase, all normal :D

The completely rebuilt engine in my '99 WR4 does this as well soometimes. It seems to happen more when I'm riding in wet conditions. I've drained the oil and there's no white in it so at I don't think we have anything to worry about!! :)

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