06 WR 450 fuel tank on an 03 WR 450

Will an 2006 Tank fit on an 2003?

Will an 2006 Tank fit on an 2003?

should...but you will need 03 shrouds

Thanks, I was thinking I may have to do that.:thumbsup:

i dont think it well fit the mounting holes are in diffrent spots

It fits just fine. You will need YZ shrouds (or 05/06 WR shrouds which are the same) and an 05/06 WR seat (or modify an 03/04 YZ seat). The seat is slightly longer than the 03/04 WR seat. The distance between the rear bolts and the mounting button on the tank is longer as well. The 05/06 WR tank is almost identical in profile to the 03/04 YZ tank with just a little more volume at the cap. (1.9 vs 2.1 gal.). I have this setup on my 04 WR. :thumbsup:

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