Aussie Land Issues - Important

This from the DSMRA:


In response to the recently published proposed Land Conservation

(Vehicle Control) Regulations 2003 we have established an online petition

which will be sent to the Victorian Government. The document is

available for viewing at and I strongly

encourage you to read it carefully. There is very little reference to

trail bikes in this document, and the authors make a point of saying

that for some time there has been little input or demand from

trail bike riders, so it is about time we let them know we are many. It

is the first step to ensuring they can't ignore us.

Please take the time to sign the petition at and let your network

of trail riding contacts know about it. For those of you who have websites of your own, could you please give it a mention. We need to show the government that we are NOT a "minority" user group!


Mike Chmiel

Victorian Coordinator



(/soapbox ON)

This isn't just for Vic riders! It WILL spread. Have your say NOW.

(/soapbox OFF)


Please sign if you haven't alredy, we need more!!

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