wtb a manual for my 07 450

Hello, I've searched for a couple days and have yet to find this manual on cd on ebay or anywhere else for that matter. I recently bought a used 07 450 and can't even figure out where to add the oil (it's low on the dip stick). Can anybody help? Hate to pay the $80.00 yamaha wants for one. thanks in advance

go to our FAQ, scroll all the way down and you will find a link to online manuals. download the pdf file to your computer and now you will have a factory manual..

i usually keep 1 hard copy and a digital one, in case i forget to bring it to the track..

nevermind. made it easy for ya... heres the link


Thank You, very nice. I made a nice binder/manual from it and used all the paper and ink from work to dl it lol.

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