any guides to checking/repairing starter motor

my 03' WR is finally running strong, and i switched the starter clutch. the starter button never really worked, and after some pretty gnarly uphill rides, i really wish i had a magic button.

i'm gonna check all connections tomorrow, but i was wondering if there were any guides out there on how to repair a startor motor, preferably with pictures.

To service an electric motor, common jobs are:

Clean internals

Replace brushes

Cut commutor

Test on a Growler

The last two have to be done at an eletric motor shop (unless you have a metal lathe, then you can cut the commutor)

sounds pretty straight forward. how do i know when to replace brushes? i've never seen the inside of a starter before.

One more tip. Mark the orientation of the housing pieces before you take the motor apart. The position of the magnets is important when you reassemble it.

good tip thanks.

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