YZ426 lifters

Hi there

can anyone tell me which color lifters go to which valves? Or wont it make any difference, even if l just get say all 5 x BLUE ones?

i am redoing my topend completely and these are the parts number TT use.

I want to get it right b4 l make an order with TT, so l know how many to order of each

LIFTER, VALVE (BLACK) 3FV-12153-00-00

LIFTER, VALVE (YELLOW) 3FV-12153-10-00

LIFTER, VALVE (BLUE) 3FV-12153-20-00

Correct me if im wrong the BLACK lifters go to exhaust valves?

BLUE the middle inlet valve?

and the 2 YELLOW to outside inlet valves?



and why are the prices so different?

yellow - 30$

blue - 22$

black - 12$

The difference in the lifters is in the diameter. Black is the standard, and the yellow and blue are over and under sizes to account for variations in the heads. However, the difference is is extremely small, about .01mm (0.0004"). The OEM lifters will generally have a paint mark on the under side, although this may be difficult to interpret as old as they are. The head may also have a paint mark at one or more lifter bores, but only if it needs a non standard size, so in the absence of a mark, assume you use black (3FV-12153-00-00 ) lifters.

If you just can't tell which is which, use the standard black lifter.

thanks a lot for your help

i wasnt too worried about price, as l know your prices are 10 times better in the USA then in Australia...

we get ripped off here for parts...


yeah im with you on that one shrekka us aussies seem to get the raw end of the deal when it comes to parts what should have cost me about 1850 us has cost me 2200 au sorry i can help on the lifters mate cheers nathan

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