Neutral switch cover question

Has anybody removed the neutral switch and replaced it with a Zip-Ty neutral switch cover? It seems like the way to go if it does away with unnecesary wiring. I just put mine on but can't start my bike or ride until Friday. I have seen plenty of posts about removing the "blue wire" but I have not seen any about doing away with the whole switch. If nobody out there has done this I will report back if anybody else is thinking about doing this.

Sometimes I hate reading my post's after I submit. The last sentence of my original post makes me sound like an idiot. :)

I have the Zip-Ty billet piece on my '99WR400. I just removed the whole wire harness that's attached to the stock switch... I've had it on for around three years now.

I ordered mine a while back, but did not receive it yet.

Mines been on for a couple of years. Well worth the money. Don't forget to pull the spring and pin from the shift drum since it's no longer needed.


I've had mine on for about six months now. My bike seems to start on the 1st or 2nd kick whether it is hot or cold or hasn't been started for a week or two. I think it is well worth the money.

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