WR crank in a YZ

This question was asked in a forum from a Utah based website. I thought somebody here might be able to answer his question.Thanks in advance for any input.

I smoked the crank in my 03 yz450 I was puting it back together last nite. when I went to put the flywheel on, the shaft was to big. Come to find out it was for a WR450 if I get a WR flywheel will it all fit? I really do not want to split the cases again!!! Any help would be great.

Well, he has a problem. This information applies to '03-'05 YZ450's and '03 -'06 WR450 components:

The WR crank will fit in the YZ cases because the main bearing dimensions are the same between the two engines. However, as he has discovered, the left axle of the crank is different, and the flywheels will not interchange.

He cannot use the WR flywheel because that flywheel is "inside out", with the stator mounted in the outer cover, and the WR outer cover will not bolt onto the YZ crankcase.

He's going to have to remove the crank.

Thanks for the input Gray. I will pass it along.


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