2005 WR450 Dead Spot

I have a really bad dead spot just off idle. I have swapped out all electronic components off of my other bike and it did not solve the problem. But when i unplug the TPS the problem goes completely away. So i bought a new TPS and it did not cure the problem. When TPS is off of the carb but plugged in I still have the stutter so i am assuming it is electrical. Has anyone ever seen this before? Will i damage anything running with the TPS disconnected?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



If you actually adjusted the TPS properly and the problem still exists I would have to say it's your AP timing.

I cleaned my carb during the winter, added a performance pipe and when spring came I had the same issue.

I adjusted my AP squirt timing which took about 1/8th of a turn in and everything was great again.

what is the proper way to adjust the TPS

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