Mark Bailey Is Back

Hey Gang!

I have been on a self imposed exile of sorts. But I have returned. From now on, I will be known as "Beatle". I trust everyone has been doing the dirt real good while I was away :)


Hey Mark,

Whats been up with you ? I wondered what happened to you. Glad you are back. Beatle huh? A dung beatle perhaps? :) Just kiddin ya. We gonna have to get together and ride again.

Take care,


Hiya Fryboy.

Not a Dung Beetle. Beetle Bailey u know. However I change the spelling to Beatle like the fab 4 did... I am heading up to Stoney tomorrow. Just going by myself to get some riding in. Im going to try to hook up with PMMAUST and some other TTers up there. U interested in heading up? If so, u can hitch a ride.

Hope all is well.


Man I would love to go. This sorry a** has to work the late shift tomorrow. Only day I have open this week is Monday. And that will probably be maintenance day for the Family Enduro next Sunday (Dec 8th) ride at Foresthill.

We will definately hook up again in the near future. I plan on coming up in Dec to ride with Pmaust at Stonyford. I hear him and Monty are the best quides. I have been meaning to hook up with him for quite a while now.

Have fun and roost one for me,


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