06 yz450f thoughts?

Well im selling my 03 yz250f tommorow morning, Getting $2400 cash for it which i think is a awesome deal, but then again the bike was in awesome shape and well cared for. I'm now set to move up to the 450 because i got bored of the 250f and wanted somthing newer. i don't race so I'm looking for a bone stock 06 450F. Is the 06 just as reliable of a bike as the older yzf's were? Does it have any problems or flaws I should look out for when buying/looking? any help would be appreciated, thanks guys :thumbsup:

So nice :ride:http://www.motorcycle-usa.com/Photos/_E7E5160.jpg

If your a big guy, then I would got for the 06 450, but otherwise I would stay with a 250f. I have both the 06 450 and 06 250f and prefer the 250f over the 450 any day on any track. I am light (about 160 with gear) and the 450 is just to much to handle on tracks or trails. While I do find the 450's power to be nice at times, I also find it to be too brute and tiring, and I prefer the easy going 250F over it.

I also have a heck of a time turning my 450. It pushes if you are not aggressive enough or if you let off. I find that if you hit a rut right and are on the gas hard all the way through, the 450 handles with all the other bikes, but let off and the front end wants to tuck or climb out.

These are just some of my experiences that I have with my 450 and 250F, but if it were me, I would just buy a newer 250F and be done with it.

Im 5'8 175 so id say im right on target for a 450, i just got bored with the 250fs power, i mean it was fine for the trails but i found it lacking in top end even with the mods i had into it. I also just want somthing newer. i also have not ridden a 450 so i don't know what to expext but have ridden a newer 250 smoker but i know they are not the same..

oops sorry i didnt post in the 450 section, im to used to posting in the 250f section :thumbsup:

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