Question regarding Airrated Oil from Head tube

Hey my bud just got a 02WR426, I have a 00YZ426.

He went riding yesterday and after he noticed that a spot of milkie drainage was on the Truck bed.

There was an earlier post @

With the same question in 2001.

Has anyone determined or come up with a explain other then the post. I believe this is airated oil. Day was cool and the bike was trailed around mildly "VERY Mildly" probably rode 1 1/2 hours on it.....

I have not seen this from the YZ

[ May 16, 2002: Message edited by: EgoAhole ]

This is very normal AND expected.

This is very normal especially if you overfill or base your oil level on the top line portion of the dip stick oil level indicator. I fill mine to the mid mark & have little to no leakage. Yes it is aerated oil.........

Whew i was gonna ask the same question a couple days ago but i fingerd it was cuz i put a bit too much oil in it... not like comin out the top but a little over the full mark.. i too had went on mild trail rides taht day for bout 2 1/2 hours and parked the bike and a hour later noticed the same milkyoil on the concrete of the garage then i came to the conclusion that i put too much oil and it just overflowed.. OHH WELL... a littl emore mobile 1 down the drain..

Call it condensation folks, no doubt you went throu a river or even a puddle will do it.

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