Where did this cylinder come from??

I recently had a crash, and dropped the bike. in the process i smashed the front brakes pretty good. (crashed and break lever hit the ground)

now the brakes feel really weird (grabby) and you can pull the lever all the way to the point where it hits some sort of stop on the inside.

obviously i blew out something in there. :bonk:

(can i fix without a re-build kit?) :thumbsup:

Now i looked online to get a rebuild kit... but the OEM part fiche (part diagram) shows a totally different master cylinder than the one i have on my bike... so obviously the one i have is not stock, and therefore i can't get a stock rebuild kit.

so here are some pics...

Anyone know where this cylinder came from?? (and where i can get a re-build kit for it??)

It says Yamaha right on top... so i have always thought it was original. :ride:



No idea, but by the lug on the top that looks like a mirror mount, it's from some road bike somewhere.

Time to start over.

You can pick up a working CRF master cylinder on Ebay usually for the price of a rebuild kit and improve your braking power at the same time. I picked up a CRF master cylinder for $50 with an ASV brake lever on it :thumbsup:

It looks like it came off a TTR.

It looks like it came off a TTR.

I agree...

A TTR... as in like a ttr 125?

A TTR... as in like a ttr 125?

It looks like the one that was on my son's old TT-R250.

It looks the same as the one that was on my ttr-225 also (going from memory)

the 125 has a slightly different cylinder, 225 and 250 have what looks to be identical hardware.

ok well ill look that up then

today i went and pulled the master cylinder kit out, and looked at it... and it looks fine... :thumbsup:

all the seals and the main cup are fine, along with the cylinder wall.

I put it all back together... the're a lil better... but still pretty grabby compared to before.

could it be something is messed up in the caliper then??? :busted:

Thanks for the answers! :busted:

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