Coil over Plug Mod...

Hey guys, this is on the yz426 side, not sure if it would work for you, but BigLou has an awesome post with pics and details on how to make the 450 coil on plug set up work for the 426. i know the bikes are basically the same, but not sure if it will work for you guys, just wanted to let you know.... :)

hope this works.... here is the link to it..

I looked at this a while ago. What is the real benefit other than cleaning up the cosmetics on the right side?


it also makes accessing your carb for jetting changes etc a bit easier as well. it also supposedly will produce a better spark, since it has less distance to travel once it leaves the coil, and also a bit less prone to damage on top of the engine..

that is about all i can think of, but i guess the trickness factor is what got me, and the fact that it CAN be done.... :) lol

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