Yz450f Stator Questions

Hello I just bought a 2003 YZ450F that has been motarded and reg. in CA and I think the sold it to me with a burned up E-LINE stator on it.. I am new to the whole super moto game and really not sure what my options are.

It would make sence to me to try and fit an OEM yamaha WR450 stator on there instead of aftermarket. will this work if not what are some other options?

thanks 4 your time

The WR450 stuff absolutely will not fit (well, at least not without using the WR450 crank, crankcases, and ignition cover along with it), which is why the e-line was created. You can use a rewound YZ450 stator, but you don't get much output from that.

Look in the Common Threads sticky under Electrical for more info.

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