04 WR450 Tranny/Shifting issues

I picked up a used 04 450 this spring from the dealer, and I love the bike...

It is my first dirt bike in about 20 years, my last one being a 84 XR 500.

Now that I'm getting some time/miles on it, and getting more used to it ( meaning running it harder...), I'm finding it to be a real bi**h to shift up through the gears, into 3rd and 4th at higher rev's.

If your just putting along, tight trails, ect...no issues....but straight stretch's of fire roads, beach, etc, and you want to flog it some, going from 2nd into 3rd has become a REAL problem...you shift, let out the clutch, and your still in 2nd...etc....

No funny noises, or popping out of gear, or anything.....

Is the problem ME, (I still consider myself a newbie on it...), or the tranny??

Any idea's or tricks I'm missing?

I worked on my bike over the winter, threw it all back together, took it out this spring, was pretty much doing the same thing as you, got home, looked it over externally - decided that the shifter might be the problem, so I took it off, and put it on again just bringing the front down one notch. Problem gone.

I just couldn't get through the long throw comfortably with it in the wrong position - try that first before tearing into it.

Yeah, I just got in from being out on it pretty much all day....

I'd say there is no problem with the bike, I think I'm the problem....lol..:thumbsup:

Works flawlessly until I change my riding style...today I paid more attention, was a bit "less aggressive" in my shifting while accelerating hard in the long straight streches/upper revs, and it was WAY better....

I think my problem is that in the 20 years since I was into dirt bikes, the new 4 strokes work better then the 2 strokes used to.....and I was riding/shifting it like a MX 2 stroke in the long, fast stuff ...I got more into my old XR 500 rythem today under hard acceleration through the gears, and it made all the difference in the world.

Thanks for the reply though!

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