For Sale: Scotts Billet Sharkfin *brand new*

:) I believe that also the rear spindle is a different diameter on the 98's, 99-2001 the same and bigger again for 2002......I think :D

I bought it a couple weeks ago on a closeout sale and once I got it it wont fit my bike. :)

It will only fit 98 WR/YZ 400's (why Im not sure) and a few other YZ/WR 250 & TTR models. I have the info at home and if you need to know I can check later. (I got the exact list of what models it will fit from Scotts Performance)

If you need to know more about it you can check it out at

Its brand new and it retails for $130 new.

Please send me a reasonable offer if intrested.

Send all offers to:

Please do not leave offer here.



[ May 16, 2002: Message edited by: MOmilkman ]

When the 400F was introduced in 98 it ran a smaller rear disk than the YZ250. This was to help reduce engine stalling when the rear brake was applied. In 99 the rear disk diameter increased to match the YZ. After 1 year of training Yamaha decided we would stop killing our bikes in turns.

I got burned the other way around. I bought a 99 shark fin and it wouldn't fit my 98 WR. The idiot behind the parts counter was convinced the fin would fit and I was full of mulch.

Originally posted by zaknavage:

After 1 year of training Yamaha decided we would stop killing our bikes in turns.

Geez, then I’m on a whole other learning curve at almost three years and counting. Revloc, anyone????

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