HELP with 08 YZ fork on 07 WR

I need help making the axle work. I have the axle that came with the new fork. I want to lose the speedo drive. What can I do to make this work?

flatland racing makes a odometer elminator . their like 24 bucks or so . I think that will get rid of the drive, but I've heard the front caliper is differant too.

yes the front caliper is different. I've got that fixed. If I get the flatland speedo thing, I still don't think it will work. Has anyone else done this.

Are you using the whole fork with tripples or not ?

stock triple trees

you do know that the yz ones are wider , so the yz axle will be a bit longer. I think it's only a few mm you may have do make some new axle spacers and or recut the axle. what issues are you having yet ?

the new axle is shorter then the wr axle. The problem is not the length, its that I can't push the axle through all the way. The right side of the axle, the one with the larger diameter bottoms out against the speedo drive. The stepped part of the axle is too wide. If the stepped side was cut back a little it would push through far enough.

are sure the large step of the axle is too long , or is the center of the axle too short? anyhow if all you have to do is remove a bit of the should to allow the axle to fit right stick it in a lathe and cut it back ,but make sure that your brake lines up right and that you are not side loading the bearings .

The stepped side of the axle is the same as the stock axle. What makes the YZ hub and spacing different? I've thought about having the stepped side turned down. Can I make a spacer that replaces the speedo drive and the difference thats left over. Or should I just replace the wheel/hub with one from a YZ.

the yz hub has two seals a two spacers , the wr hub has one spacer/seal and the odo drive/seal . I think the are very close as far as overall width . I think the cheapest fix would be to get a flatland odo replacment . and cut the axle as needed to get it all to work . I don't really think it would be worth the time tomake your own odo spacer/seal not for 20 some bucks . and your local machine shop should noy charge any more then like 40 buck to correct the axle spacing. Do you have a way to get a good reading to give them to cut the axle? I guess you realize that when you measure you'll need to include the thickness of the left leg lower + the hub + the odo drive or it's replacement . then have them cut the axle from the shoulder to the threads a few thousand shorter then the overall length for a little preload but not much

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