anyone interested in selling a 2000 or newer wr400 or yz400?

Well it seems the bike we had lined up to buy may be gone or some of the accessorys that where supposed to come along with it are being liqudated.... (I hope this is not the case) but never the less... the money came through today.... anyone who has a 2000 or newer wr400 or yz400 that would like to get rid of it please email me at or post a message to this thread... have cash in hand tommorrow (tuesday 02-06-01)... and would like bike delivered within the next 2 weeks....


Shane from Washington

Shane, I would not sell the bike to anyone else unless you had for some reason told me you and your brother didn't want it. YOU have first dibs on it, I was told by darren that he would call friday, I didn't hear from him so I put it up on the board just in case you weren't intersested. Anyway I e-mailed you and will be ready to ship the bike to Washington, Give me a day or two to get it crated. Nick

I have a 2000 WR400 -Mint Cond. - baja kit, motojack rack, many extras, 150 miles,ect.

Call me for all the details

Mark 513-520-7321

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