Inertial suspension system

I read about it too. I can see where it may work, absorbing rear wheel energy and such. I also see it hitting one of the many LITTLE rocks around here and being a $300 trail ornament :)

You can bet someone is already making a guard for it....I want one for sure. Just gotta siphon off the money a little at a time so the wife doesn't catch on too quickly.

By the way Darin, Got my Long Blue Sealsavers mounted, gonna try them out this Sunday....

Bonzai :)

You'll love em Bill.

So far, so good with mine!

how abot posting a link to it so we can all look at it?

Has anyone read about this latest gizzmo in Dirt Rider?

Its some sort of cannister type piston that attaches to the rear wheel that is supposed to affect rear wheel handleing.

I have to admit, I would be pretty skeptical about buying this. Espically for $275. :)

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