2008 YZ450F front wheel question

I just bought a new 2008 YZ450F and still have a spare set of older (2004) YZ450 rims. The rear appears to fit fine, but the front is obviously not the same. Can someone explain what I need to do to get the front to fit. Is it just bearings/etc or is the spacing all wrong for brake/etc. I am hoping the hubs are the same??? I would like to make some Supermoto rims again!!!!




The front hubs are the same. The only difference between the two are the axle and the right spacer. Use the wheel spacers off your 08 and it will fit.

thanks KJ,

It does fit. Just spacers and different axle. The brake rotor fits just fine. I had heard that they were way different. Glad I saved my old wheels.


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