Barkbusters 07' WR450f


Have a 07' WR450f and still have the original Pro Taper handlebars it came with from new.

First question is- Are they EVO or Contour bars on the 07'?

Second- Bought a set of clamps for me Barkbusters but they don't seem right, I got the BTC ANS set ( but wondering if they should have been the BTC TAG set?

They look like the EVO but the Barkbusters website does not specify what set you need for the EVO.

Most bark buster mfg's make a clamp for pro taper bars, it does not matter if they are EVO or contour... I have ran the same clamps on both bars without issue. I am using the cyra U clamp for pro taper with Moose bark busters.

Cheers will chase it up tommorow, these are definately to small.

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