Aussie Land Issues - Important to ALL riders

Please sign if you haven't already done so, we need more!!

Well with Steve Bracks saying he will govern for every Victorian in every street let's see if he is as good as his word. Good luck. I'm in W.A.

I remember Steve Bracks sitting astride a Yamaha bike on the steps of the Parliament House when some race had returned to Victoria... The pic was on the Yamaha website or ADB magazine a year or two ago... Lets hope Yamaha are getting back in his ear and doing something for their customers... if we have nowhere to ride, they don't sell dirtbikes... simple... It's in their interests to put the pressure on...

I have signed, 3 times... even US & Canadian riders can sign, just put your suburb as Melbourne, and your postcode as 3001...


Yeah, just signed for myself and kids, this is getting crazy, another local track just closed near me, due to noise and dust complaints, yet a guy who lives opposite the track says he has no problems. All the pressure seems to come from local councils that appear anti-bike, it's becoming real hard to find anywhere legal to take my kids to ride, Chris.

Chris, where about do you ride?? nearly every week i find another track closed. :)

Thanks for pinning this. We can't afford complacency. :) I HATE having to think like this... Can't we all just get along?? Apparently not...


Thanks David for pinning this, i'm a member of the AMTRA club of Victoria, as you probably already know we try to keep our heads in with the government, but i keep seeing perminent track closures where i want to put on rides for the club, and not easy rides, clubman plus, so these trails dont get a lot of use, i cant see the logic, attack the responsibale rider (reg and licence} and leave the cops to deal with the guys that ride around the car park all day and annoy every one, these guys aren't winning votes surely?? :):D

Blue Beast, I was all set to join Mt Cottrell club, but they wouldn't take my money (quite good of them, I thought), due to the almost certain closure of the track. The next club I try will be Bacchus Marsh, as I need somewhere to take the kids that is legal, and hopefully not too far a drive. Cheers, Chris.

I have posted it to the YZ 4xxF and YZ/WR250F sides, feel free to post it to the KTM or Honda CRF forums as well.. this is an important issue, and we need the numbers...


This from the DSMRA:


In response to the recently published proposed Land Conservation

(Vehicle Control) Regulations 2003 we have established an online petition

which will be sent to the Victorian Government. The document is

available for viewing at

and I strongly encourage you to read it carefully. There is very little reference to

trail bikes in this document, and the authors make a point of saying

that for some time there has been little input or demand from

trail bike riders, so it is about time we let them know we are many. It

is the first step to ensuring they can't ignore us.

Please take the time to sign the petition at and let your network

of trail riding contacts know about it. For those of you who have websites

of your own, could you please give it a mention. We need to show the

government that we are NOT a "minority" user group!


Mike Chmiel

Victorian Coordinator



(/soapbox ON)

This isn't just for Vic riders! It WILL spread. Have your say NOW.

(/soapbox OFF)


I posted it on all sides already, it just needs bumping :):D

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