New to TT, Just picked up 08' WR450F

Thank you! I'll give this a shot tonight...

I also made the switch from Red to Blue. After coming off the mighty XR650R the WR felt like my old CR250, I can now do the backflip again :thumbsup::worthy:


Looks good, I almost bought the XR650, but now I'm glad I didn't. So much easier to throw around.


here she is!

red JD needle, 4th position, 48 pilot, big o-ring on accelerator pump. Grey wire, exhaust plug out.

Won't start at all choke/no choke. Get it to fire a little tiny bit at 1/4 throttle while cranking the e-start, but otherwise nada.

Still working on it, I guess.

oh yeah; it fired with the choke on. air/fuel screw turned 1.5 turns out.

I think I'll try 2 turns out on this next attempt.

(AIS is off, too)

nada on that un too. :thumbsup:

(168 main jet)

Got it... choke OFF, about 2 turns out on air/fuel. Kicks so easy!

Going to go on a tiny lap and park it. She's still pre-break in...

Thanks for the vent!

Yeah mine acts a little odd sometimes too. I originally tried 2 turns out like they recommended but now 1 1/2 seems to work good. I noticed on mine it works better with the choke pulled, but every once in awhile it needs just a crack of the throttle to get it fired. If it's still hard to start check the idle speed adjustment knob, turn it a little higher on the idle that should help. On the start up problems just playing with the idle speed and the F/A mixture screw should get you dialed in most cases. Hope it's working well for you now. I like the skid plate, looks good. I thought about getting an aluminum plate but figured I'd wait to see how the plastic one held up.

it idles slow, but it idles; I'll definitely spend some time making some more in-depth adjustments on the shakedown/warmup spin.

Man, it feels GREAT though- whole different animal than my 426!

Can't wait til I gear up and take it out for a proper go at it.

(mainly tight riding here, lots of big rocks- so the plate was an essential)

Here's the status these days:


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