CA Title Question 2000 YZ426 title has plate number on it...


I know all the basic info about street titling a YZ and the 8th digit on the VIN info but I was looking at my title today and saw


It say's OFF HIGHWAY but it has a plate number under the spot on the title that says plate number. Does that mean I could go down to the DMV and pay the june reg and request the plate?

I've never looked at a dirt bike title before so it kinda threw me this AM.

Lastly, what would my chances be of getting a WR400 frame, swapping all my YZ shit over to it , requesting a new title and street registering it if im not able to get it via the first method.

The "plate number" is the number that appears on the Green Sticker. It will be different each time you renew the OR registration. You can't get a license plate with that.

Any kind of components you might put on a WR400 frame would still be registered as a WR400 of whatever year, even if it had a small block Chevy in it. So if the WR400 can be street registered, the WR400 chassis with your stuff in/on it can, too.

yeah i figured as much regarding the "plate number" but I was hoping it to be a mess-up on the DMV's part.

Im fairly sure WR's are the only street registrable bikes in cA from Yamaha's stable. So im going to search for a WR frame and give it a go that route.

Im fairly sure WR's are the only street registrable bikes in cA from Yamaha's stable.

The snag is that some were, and some were not because they came out late in the model year and missed the certification deadlines. I believe, for example, that the '04 was not streetable in CA. Do your research.

You CANNOT completely legalize any bike that doesn't come from the factory street legal. Unless it is approved for CA CARB and US EPA emissions for ON-ROAD use. If you are buying a bike that was plated after Feb. 2002 (When they changed the law, I believe that is the date) be weary because your plate can be revoked.

You cannot buy a WR frame and swap your stuff over and go get a plate. You can buy a WR400 that was plated before feb 2002 though. I've got one hah.

Another little dodge that works is to buy a bike that was plated in any other state. The only thing that will probably happen here is that the CA DMV will require an inspection of it prior to transferring the registration, but if the bike has all of the required functional equipment, the way the law is set up, they have to allow it, even if the bike could not have been registered in CA originally. I know of two people who plated YZ250F's that way.

I've done a little cheat before with non CARB parts and though i'd try to pull one past the dmv by doing this.

Could someone take a photo of the CARB/EPA sticker thats on the frame. The people I talked to at the DMV seem rather ignorant of the laws/rules and i think I can make the sticker, slap it on the frame and have it inspected.

Im isnt guaranteed to work but the dude at the dmv said all the look for are the turns/lights etc and the carb/epa sticker.

That's basically what ive done for car headers that didnt have a carb EO number. I took the EO number for a company that had the apporval, made a sticker/plaque, put it in the engine bay and had it smogged at a test only. Worked flawlessly.

Now whether or not that will work with the bike remains to be seen. I hope that I get a uninformed dmv rep when i go to do this. He didnt even mention the VIN number deal or anything. I guess it's worth a try before I go and buy a WR400 frame and swap my 426 shit over.

Maybe I should just go and buy a KTM 690SM :thumbsup:

They are ignorant of it, which is why it won't work. The VIN number will or will not come up as platable, and that's it.

damn. looks like its time to buy a new bike, or one already plated.

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