anyone remember Mitch?

I remember there was a guy Mitch, back in 1999 if I'm not wrong. Thumpertalk had just got started and he was the most popular guy around, he was riding the WR400.

Anyone know where is him?

I remember the screen name "Mitch from Oz." You might try doing a search in the old WR400 misc forum.Maybe you can find his E-mail address?

As far as I know he (Mitch Maruchek) bought a VOR motard and rode off into the sunset never to be seen at TT again. He used to call me once and a while, I'll look around and see if I still have his number.


Hi guys, nice to see that still got people still remember Mitch. I was one of them when TT just got started, it is all about Yamaha WR400, that got all of us together.

Really miss the good old days.

I WAS supposed to fly out to Oz and hang out w/ Mitch, ~ 2 years ago. He was going to show me around Melbourne, do some riding and zip up to the Great Barrier Reef to do some SCUBA diving. Due to our changing schedule's, it never happened. :)

I do now have my passport and am ready to fly...ANYWHERE!!

Who could forget him, he was the unofficial TT mascot for awhile.

Kevin, as I recall he was supposed to show up for the Moab 2K run. That didn't happen, so all we have are 'unconfirmed' Mitch sightings...


I know Mitch was in and out of San Francisco. Unless I am mistaken, I thought he had an apt there (maybe his business supplied apt?).

He was also seriously looking at opening a bike business in Oz. I know he kinda, sorta, maybe offered me a job...kinda, sorta, maybe!

Kevin, the weather is warming up here now... you're more than welcome... I live on the Southern part of the Barrier Reef... :)

And can you bring a t-handle?... I seem to have lost mine... :D I'll swap you some cold beers...



Kev, i can show you around Melbourne. :)

Be careful...

You OZ guys are tempting me... :)

Just do it!!

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