Be careful fitting your bashplate !!

A little anecdote worth reading.......

I went riding on the weekend with a bunch of guys, one of whom was riding an '02 WR250F fitted with an aluminium bash plate.

He looked down mid-way through the 6 hour ride in the Australian bush to see this part (see red arrow on the picture) of his cylinder head cover gasket torn and hanging away from the motor:


It turns out he had re-fitted his bashplate with the crankcase breather tube crimped between the frame and bash plate.

The crank had built up pressure through heat and blown it's safety valve, namely the rubber gasket.

Luckily one of the guys had plenty of tools and some 90 second Araldite (2 part epoxy) in his backpack and got him going again.

He also split a radiator hose at the same time somehow (he crashed and noticed both things at once) and luckily once again the same guy had spare radiator hose (heater hose from a car) and fixed that little problem too.

Saved the poor bloke a long push to the nearest car-accessible road!

The motto of this story: Be careful not to crimp hoses by accident and carry tools and parts!


Good tip Greg. Where in Aus are you? I'm in Perth. Check us out on Crusty

A tip is also to not put the clamp on the hose on valvecover, then if breath hose is crimped for any reason, the hose just pops away from the valvecover and the gasket wont pop out.


I'm on the opposite side of the continent, in Wollongong, just south of Sydney.


That makes sense. Good idea. Thanks.


Guys, this is a very useful thread. I just took a look at my bike and I notice my breather hose is crimped like you describe. I will remove the top clamp as suggested to also prevent bad stuff from happening.

The moral of the story.........ride with guys that carry all sorts of tools and parts.

I had this happen to me yesterday. Just finished working on my 2007 WR450 Motard and took it out for a test drive. Came into a corner at about 70 and downshifted, blew the front puck out of the gasket! It sprayed oil down the left side of the bike and rear tire. I don't really know how I got the bike slowed without losing the rear, but I did. I guess the Conti SM's are sticky even when oiled!

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