Reflectors on forks

I've just bought myself an 08 WR450 and am pulling all the ADR crap off it and de-restricting it, including removing the poxy looking orange reflectors on the forks.

Not sure if it's just on the Aussie models, but for those who have them, what's the best way of getting them off without scratching the forks? They look stuck on with some sort of glue.

G'day Strattos,

Congrats on the new bike I got mine about a month ago.

I think the reflectors are just put on with double sided tape, I put it in the too hard basket and left them on.

You should be able to completely remove the adr wiring harness cleans it up alot behind light!

Hope you enjoy your new bike!

Hey Mate,

The tape is a double sided foam tape.

Just rip the reflectors off and scrap the remaining tape off with a plactic scrapper, don't use a metal scrapper, that will scratch the coating off the forks.

Then use something like eucalyptus oil, CRC, kero or WD-40 to remove the remaining glue residue.

Hope this helps.


Thanks guys, now I know what I'm looking at. Jeez she's a fair step up from the old 02 WR426 (RIP). Just need to open up the exhaust system. But handling is night and day better.

Remove them with fishing line or dental floss.

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