Front fork sag

I have a WR450 05, which is US spec, and so I assume had the standard springs in the forks, with which I was only getting 50mm of sag with me on the bike. So from the racetech spring calculator, I ordered a 0.428kg/mm spring, and fitted it, but there is little or no change in the sag. The back of the bike has the corect sag, but the front hardly moves, it almost seems sticky, but I also changed the oil, and set all the clickers to standard. The back of the bike almost seems to move to easily.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I am pulling my hair out.

It's probably due for a re-valve, I too have the 05 model and had the same drama as you, the fork action was shite even with a lower spring rate.

I had a Pro-Action revalve bushes replaced, 2.5W Motul oil, 125mm air gap and a 0.40 spring and its great, I can literally feel the difference in speed compared to my previous set up.

All the spring rate calculators tell me I need a 0.44 spring but even after the revalve with the damping adjusted it was way to stiff for my liking.

Dont be afraid to ignore the spring rate calculators it's your bike and if you feel like a lower spring rate is needed I would suggest getting one.

Thanks for the response, I am beginning to realise, I should'nt have bother with the spring rate calculators. out of interest what weight are you, to see how that relates to my position, and set up with my springs. Cheers

I'm 95kg in riding gear and most of my riding is fairly technical stuff, it's not often I get more than 110km/hr where I ride.

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