problem with 426

so I had the 2002 426 out yesterday. rode some nice muddy trails for 25 miles or so. got down to a road and shut her off to talk to some fellow bikers. after just a few minutes i went to kick start her back up. lever moved half way and then just locked up. just like it was siezed. what the .......:thumbsup: !? couldnt get the motor to budge no matter what i did. I put the bike in fifth gear and tried to see if i could get the motor to rotate in reverse by pulling the bike backwards. it would chug a couple times indicating the piston was free. but i would then get on her and kick the starter and same thing. valve? rings? Im boggled. happened after i shut it off. tell me what you think. :ride:

Will it roll forward in gear? Sounds like the kick start gear may have broken. If the piston is free, then you are going to have to just dig into it to find out what is happening. I would start with the kick start and then pull the clutch cover, try to find what ever it is that is binding it up. Hope this helps,


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